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Why Embryo Adoption?

Anyone who has gone through the process of creating embryo's through IVF has a very, very high regard for life and for children. They have gone to great lengths - physically, emotionally and financially for the very purpose of creating life.

We don't pretend to understand the pain of infertility. We can't say what we would do if faced with those struggles - but I can say for certain that there would be a strong possibility that IVF would be a course of action. We are the kind of people who would go to great lengths to have children. 

And just as we can't say that we know definitively how we would address infertility issues, we also simply can't know what decisions we would make concerning any excess embryos. Couples who employ IVF have moral and ethical waters to navigate that most of us will never understand. One thing, however, is clear. There are people in very challenging circumstances trying to make right choices with their embryos; and in many cases their options are limited. We can't imagine trying to make that decision ourselves.

So when we first learned about embryo adoption and began researching it, we realized that we are in a position to meet the needs of some to make a specific decision. We see it as an opportunity to fill in a gap for people who are in agony over what to do with excess embryos and an opportunity to give an embryo - and by extension a child - every shot at life possible.

We know these embryos have great value - the lengths to which couples have gone to produce them is a testimony to that value. And we know that there are couples who desperately want to give their embryos a chance to become grown children. And we believe that we have a happy, healthy and loving family that can give a family peace of mind and an embryo a chance.


Embryo Adoption